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Becoming Skye

Becoming Skye

by Kelsie Stelting

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When I wake up from knee surgery, I’m in a different world.

One where I have a chance with Kellum Watts, but might not want it.

One where a volleyball scholarship is out of the question.

One where I have to decide what my life looks like, and whether or not my future is in this small Texas town.

The problem is, it’s hard to think of the future, when you’re just trying to survive the present.

Continue reading Skye’s story with Becoming Skye, the second of three contemporary young adult books that will appeal to fans of Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.

Narrator: Courtney Encheff

Story Preview


PUSHING air into my nose. Oxygen tubing. I
glanced to one side of the room. Things seemed
fuzzy, but I saw two chairs, one bench, and a lot of
monitors. From the looks of it, I was in recovery.

Then I stared down. Blankets covered my lower
half, and I pulled them back, careful not to dislodge
the padded clamp on my index fInger. An enormous
brace covered my leg. And I realized it hurt—a slow,
aching pain that began at the core of my knee and
radiated out.

A hunger pang competed with the aching in
my leg. Why wasn’t anyone feeding me?

I looked around for the call button, and my gaze
landed on the most beautiful pair of brown eyes I’d
even seen in my life. “Kellum?”

I had to be dreaming. The best dream in the

He nodded and rubbed my arm through the
blanket. “Hey, Skye.”

“What are you doing here, cutie pie?” I winked
at him.

He chuckled.

“Oh, I love your laugh. It’s so Matthew
McConaughey meets Zac Efron, ya know?”

He leaned forward, an adorable smile coating his
lips. “Sounds like you’re a little woozy from the

I shook my head. “Noooooo. You’re a dream
boat. I mean, you know I watch you every day in
A&P.” I slapped his arm. “Not like in a creepy way,
but like in the way T-Swift likes that guy in the
house across the street... I guess that was kind of
stalker-y. You get it.”

He laughed again, those dreamy brown eyes
dancing. “I think I do.”

“Why do you date Safron? Just ’cause you think
she’s cute?”

His eyes drifted down to his lap.

“Oh no, I upset you. Don’t worry. I’m just a little
jealous she gets in on all of that.” I reached out and
touched his muscled forearm.

A choked laugh escaped his lips. “Oh my gosh.”

I laughed too. “I am pretty funny. One of my
many fIne qualities.”

He reached up and brushed some hair out of my
face, and I held his hand to my cheek. “Mmm. That’s

A nurse passed by my door, her Crocs squawking
on the way.

“Hey,” I rasped out.

The nurse backed up and poked her head in the
door. “Wow, you’re awake.” She walked up to my
bed and rested her hands on the railing beside
Kellum. “We didn’t expect you up for another half
hour or so.” She jerked her thumb at Kellum. “This
your boyfriend?”

I looked at him. “Um, I wish. Isn’t he hot?”

She chuckled.

“My cousin’s staying in a room down the hall,
and I saw Skye’s name,” Kellum said. “Thought I’d
come in.”

He came to see me? “That’s so sweet.”

He smiled. “Yeah, but I better get going.”

I tried to keep a hold on his hand as he stood up,
but our fIngers broke apart.

“Fine,” I hufFed. “But walk out slowly so I can

The nurse let out a peel of laughter. “Girl, get it.”

Kellum laughed. “I’ll see you at school.”

Then he walked out, and I howled at him.

Because he was fIne.

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About Kelsie Stelting

Hi! My name is Kelsie Stelting. I'm an author of relatable, heartfelt teen romance. Growing up, I always wanted to read books about girls like me. Girls who felt insecure sometimes, who tried their hardest, who sometimes failed and found a way to get back up every time they fell down.

Since I couldn't find those books... I wrote them.

Since publishing my first book in 2016, I've written and released more than twenty books, including my flagship series, The Curvy Girl Club. 

When you read these books through my website, you get a great deal and stories you can read in your preferred format and your preferred devices. You're also supporting my small business that supports myself, my husband, and our three children.

I appreciate you supporting my work and immersing yourself in these books! <3