I love books in all forms. There’s nothing better than curling up in a comfy chair with a mug of cocoa and a good book. That's why I offer books in audio, ebook, and paperback on my site.

Whatever format you prefer, I’ve got you covered. We package and ship paperbacks in house, and have a special service to provide the digital formats to you. By partnering with BookFunnel, I’m able to provide you direct access to listen to my books without going through a third party like Audible or other retailers. Plus, you get a really great price buying exclusively from me.

Some frequently asked questions have been answered below. But if you have any additional questions, contact us at hello@kelsiestelting.com. My team and I will get you an answer.

Q: Is this the official store for Kelsie Stelting's books?

A: Kelsie Stelting owns and operates this store! When you support her buy purchasing here, more money from your purchase stays with her as opposed to companies like Amazon.

Q: How will I get my audiobooks or ebooks?

A: Audiobooks and ebooks are delivered digitally via BookFunnel. The BookFunnel app is available for Android, Apple, and Amazon Kindle devices. You can also listen in your web browser or read in your preferred app.

Q: What is Bookfunnel?

A: Many authors use BookFunnel to deliver content to readers in various digital ways. It was created in 2015 by an author, Damon J. Courtney, to solve a need of a digital delivery system for books to his readers.

I have been using Bookfunnel since 2016 to deliver review copies and all my bonus content.

Q: How do I get the Bookfunnel App?

A: This link is the best place to get download instructions. It’s easy!


Q: Can I use my Audible, iTunes, or other audiobook app to listen? Can I use my Kindle or iBooks app to read?

A: To use Audible or iTunes for audiobooks, you would have to buy direct from that retailer in order to listen to books in their app. However, you can read the ebook version in your preferred app.

Q: How much does the Bookfunnel app cost?


Q: How does Bookfunnel compare to Audible, Apple Books, or other audiobook apps?

A: The quality of the audio and what you get from me is exactly the same as if you were getting it through Audible or a similar vendor. However, you get a better price when you buy directly from me.

In addition to the discount, you’re also supporting me in a major way. Authors make a WAY BIGGER PORTION of the sale when you skip the regular vendors. For instance Audible pays authors 25% royalties for non exclusive audiobooks. This way, I make 97%, only paying credit card processing fees!

If you have any further questions, please contact us at hello@kelsiestelting.com.

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