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Abi and the Boy Who Lied

Abi and the Boy Who Lied

by Kelsie Stelting

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Someone’s out to get me. I just don’t know who.

It’s been the craziest year of my life, and celebrating graduation with Jon just makes it all feel real. Like maybe I can have my happily ever after.

But then Grandma hands me a graduation card. And there’s no address on it. No signature. Just six words from a complete stranger that turn my life upside down.

I’m supposed to be getting ready for college. Dealing with moving away from my friends after actually finding some. Enjoying my relationship with Jon. But maybe all of that is the least of my worries. Because I know one thing for sure: someone is out to get me. 

I just hope I can find out who it is without losing the love of my life in the process.

Continue reading the second book in Abi’s story, a sweet young adult/new adult romance filled with swoony kisses, thrilling moments, and enough adrenaline to last Abi a lifetime.

Narrator: Courtney Encheff

Story Preview


HOW JON MANAGED to look even better in a
mortar board with a gold tassel hanging over his face,
I didn’t know. It wasn’t fair.

He caught me staring and turned his smile on
me. “What?”

Grandma yelled, “One more,” twisting the dial
on the back of the plastic camera to set it for another

The first thing I was going to do once I had some
extra spending money was buy Grandma a digital
camera. This disposable camera business was getting
old, and she refused to take photos on her phone.
Her thumb always got in the way.

Jon shook my shoulder, grinning, and I rolled my eyes up at him. I could only stay exasperated for so
long when it came to Jon.

“Right there!” Grandma yelled, and the camera
clicked with the shot.

I wished I could freeze this moment forever,
staring into Jon’s eyes, knowing that for whatever
reason those eyes, that person, saw me. Broken pieces
and all.

I read somewhere—probably in one of Grand‐
ma’s magazines—that some cultures fixed broken
vases with gold. The liquefied metal filled each of the
cracks and made a design even more beautiful than
before. The flaw made it even better.

I hoped that was me. That somehow my past had
weaved its way through my broken bits, and when I
came back together, I was more interesting, more
beautiful, worth more for all the struggles.

“I’m going to get your parents,” Grandma said to
Jon. “See you at graduation.”

“Bye,” I said, barely able to tear my gaze
from Jon.

He tilted his head, still waiting for an answer as
to why I’d been staring at him.

“How do you look so good?” I asked.

He chuckled low and brushed his nose against
mine. “How do you look so good?”

I rolled my eyes again. He was delusional. But I
wasn’t complaining. I’d worked hard to ft into this
dress—even if it was covered by a shapeless graduation gown.

“Abi,” Grandma called from beside the mailbox.
She held up a blue envelope. “Looks like someone
got their card in the mail right on time.”

I grinned. “I hope this one has money.”

She brought it over to me. “If it does, chili’s on

I shook my head. “We’ll see. Meet you at the

“That’s the plan,” she said. “Should save us some
time in all the commencement hubbub.”

I smiled. “See you.”

Jon and I walked together to his car and got in.
As he pulled away from the house, I tore open the
card. On the front, it said: Well wishes to the grad.
On the inside, written in block letters: Enjoy it
while you can.

My chest constricted. What was this?

I flipped the card over, looking for a name, a
signature, something that hinted this was a joke and
not a threat, but there wasn’t even a return address
on the envelope.

“No money?” Jon asked.

I swallowed and shook my head.
“Guess your grandma’s paying.”

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About Kelsie Stelting

Hi! My name is Kelsie Stelting. I'm an author of relatable, heartfelt teen romance. Growing up, I always wanted to read books about girls like me. Girls who felt insecure sometimes, who tried their hardest, who sometimes failed and found a way to get back up every time they fell down.

Since I couldn't find those books... I wrote them.

Since publishing my first book in 2016, I've written and released more than twenty books, including my flagship series, The Curvy Girl Club. 

When you read these books through my website, you get a great deal and stories you can read in your preferred format and your preferred devices. You're also supporting my small business that supports myself, my husband, and our three children.

I appreciate you supporting my work and immersing yourself in these books! <3