Great Gifts for Curvy Girls!

Written by: Kelsie Stelting



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Selecting the perfect gifts for curvy girls can be as elusive as catching stardust, especially when it comes to celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of curvy individuals. In a world where one-size-fits-all often overlooks the diversity of body shapes, finding a thoughtful and empowering gift can feel like embarking on a quest. 

Fear not, dear reader, for I've undertaken this quest on your behalf, curating a list of delightful gifts for curvy girls that not only radiate comfort but also promote body positivity. Whether you're navigating the challenge for yourself or seeking the ideal present for a curvy queen in your life, these handpicked selections are sure to bring warmth, joy, and a sense of self-love. 

So, let's unravel the dread that is oftentimes tied to gifting, overcoming the challenge with a celebration of all things fabulous and empowering for curvy girls. You're going to love these great gifts for curvy girls of all ages, Let the journey begin!

7 Great Gifts for Curvy girls!

1. Cozy Blanket - Snuggle Up and Shine:

Nothing says self-care like a plush, heated blanket. I adore mine, especially during chilly winters or when I want to keep things cool in the summertime. The cozy vibes are irresistible! This must-have gift for curvy girls is irresistible comfort, creating the perfect cocoon for snuggling up on colder days or if you like to keep the house really cool in the summertime. I have this blanket and love it!

2. Body Positive Stickers - Spread the Love

For a daily dose of positivity, The Cooke Co's Body Positivity Sticker Pack is pure magic. I can't get enough of these uplifting messages that celebrate every curve. Stick them on, and let the world know you're a masterpiece! The perfect  gift for curvy girls. Explore the collection and adorn your world with these magical reminders of self-love and empowerment.

Gift Body positive stickers for curvy women

3. Body Positive Books - Embrace Your Story

The literary world is a treasure trove of stories waiting to be explored, and the Curvy Girl Club by Kelsie Stelting and Hello Series  by Kelsie Hoss are your guides to narratives that celebrate body positivity. These Gifts for Curvy Girls and women open up worlds where protagonists are face the same societal conformities. They are curvy characters just like us, who thrive, love, and conquer, proving that every story is richer when it includes the varied experiences of curvy individuals.

Let these enchanting stories featuring plus size heroines remind you that you are worthy, and that love comes in all shapes and sizes, creating a literary journey that embraces diverse beauty and heartwarming narratives. You can't go wrong with this great gift for curvy girls!

  • The Curvy Girl Club® is a great place to start for lovers of heartfelt, young adult!
  • Or if you like more mature reads, the Hello Series by Kelsie Hoss is great for ages 18+!

4. Mirror Stickers - Love Yourself First

Imagine starting your day with a positive message reflected back at you. "You are loved" "Yes you f**king can! Mirror stickers with affirmations are not just decorative; they're a source of daily motivation.

The curated Gifts for Curvy Girls aim to turn the mirror from a potential source of self-doubt into a canvas for positive affirmation.

Check out this Etsy gem and add a touch of daily inspiration to your or your curvy loved one's reflection.

Gift Affirmation stickers to the curvy girl in your life. 

5. Notebook with Positive Quotes - Journal Your Journey

Journaling is a beautiful way to express your thoughts and dreams. I love having a pretty notebook to journal or dream in. This one on my website is a perfect reminder to be the true you! 

Capture your thoughts and dreams in this beautiful notebook that serves as a constant reminder of your strength and authenticity.

6.Self-Worth Workbook-Invest in Yourself

Let’s be real. Sometimes with messaging we get from society or the diet industry, it can be hard to truly embrace self love. Doing something intentional, like working through a workbook, can help you invest in yourself and truly change the way you see yourself.

Self Love Workbook for Women 

7. Gift Card to Size-Inclusive Store/Brand - Shop with Love

Gift cards from size-inclusive brands like mine or Torrid are a thoughtful way to empower your loved ones to choose something they truly adore. Find the perfect gift for curvy girls on my site and spread the love!

7. Headphones/Air Pods - Tune into Positivity

I will never admit how many pairs of earbuds, headphones, and airpods I’ve gone through in my life! But I WILL say, a new pair of headphones is always welcome! They come at so many great prices to match any gifting budget and it’s the perfect way to listen to audiobooks or body positive podcasts! 

(The Curvy Girl Club Complete Collection-Audiobooks

These pink ones from beats are SO CUTE and work with android or apple devices.

Gift stylish earbuds to a curvy girl in your life. 

The significance of each of these thoughtful gifts and how they contribute to fostering a culture of self-love and body positivity. In a society that often imposes rigid beauty standards, embracing one's curves can be a revolutionary act. That's why the 'Gifts for Curvy Girls' featured here go beyond being mere objects – they're tools for empowerment, daily reminders that beauty knows no bounds.

I hope these carefully curated gifts for curvy girls bring you or your loved ones joy, comfort, and a whole lot of self-love. Remember, every purchase is a celebration of embracing your beautiful self. Here's to cozy blankets, positive vibes, and the radiant confidence that comes with being uniquely you!

Happy gifting! 


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