Curvy Girls Can't Date Point Guards

Written by: Kelsie Stelting



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Curvy Girls Can't Date Point Guards

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If you're looking for a sweet, first love romance with plus size and social anxiety representation, Curvy Girls Can't Date Point Guards. Fans of The Curvy Girl Club® will devour this new addition to the series. PreOrder your copy from and have it sent to you on or before the store release date of 1/26/2024 (see the link at the bottom of the page). Happy reading!



There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who live in the limelight, and those allergic to attention. And somehow, they always find each other.


Terrell had his last basketball season at Emerson Academy all planned out. Step one, win the state championship. Step two, get recruited by the best colleges in the nation. Step three, play in college and then go pro.

But life had other plans.

When all the other starters on the team are kicked off for being caught at a party, he’s left playing with freshmen who've never seen varsity playing time.

If he wants a to get attention from recruiters now, he has to buckle down. That means focusing on the team and the team alone.


Sadie would be the picture next to “introvert” in the dictionary. And Sadie was fine with that... until the college counselor says her being a loner is keeping her from the sterling recommendation letter she needs to get into her dream marine biology program.

So when the basketball team comes to her family’s art studio for lessons designed to help them bond, Sadie volunteers to lead them, in exchange for a letter from the basketball coach.

But when she gets to know Terrell more, she finds she prefers his company to being alone.

Can she handle being the popular guy’s girlfriend? Will he be okay with a relationship in the shadows?

Find out in Curvy Girls Can’t Date Point Guards.


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Curvy Girls Can't Date Point Guards (The Curvy Girl Club®)Curvy Girls Can't Date Point Guards by Kelsie Stelting

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