gift guide 20+ ideas for book loving teens

Gifts for the Book-Loving Teens in Your Life

What are the best gifts for book loving teens? Bookish ones of course!

In a world brimming with technology and fleeting trends, there's a timeless joy in the embrace of a good book. For the teenagers who find solace, excitement, and adventure within the pages of novels, this gift guide is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Whether they're into fantasy realms, gripping mysteries, or heartwarming coming-of-age tales, our carefully curated selection is designed to captivate the minds and hearts of teen bookworms. Join us on a literary journey as we unwrap the perfect gifts for the voracious readers in your life.

1. Reading Light - Hands-Free

Illuminate their reading adventures with a hands-free reading light. This cool accessory enhances the reading experience in low-light settings. Perfect for those late-night reads or early morning escapades.

reading light from Amazon

2. Kindle - A Gateway to Endless Stories

Giving a Kindle is like gifting a miniature book shelf with thousands of titles! They can have instant access to an extensive library of e-books, allowing them to carry a multitude of titles wherever they go. Kindle's adjustable font size and built-in dictionary promote a personalized and educational reading experience, fostering a love for literature. I like the paperwhite version, which feels more similar to reading a paper book. This one has tons of storage and a long battery life!

PS - you can get books directly from the author, your library, or the kindle store to read on this device!

An Amazon Kindle eReader

3. Page-Turner - Cozy Up Without Holding Your Kindle

Make binge-reading a breeze with a page-turner, perfect for those lazy days in bed. Why do we love it? Imagine reading without having to hold your Kindle up—pure bliss! Enhance the experience with a reading stand for hands-free enjoyment. Get it here and pair it with a stand.

4. Barnes & Noble Gift Card - A Bookish Shopping Spree

Let them choose their favorite books with a Barnes & Noble gift card. Why do we love it? It's the gift of choice! They can explore the aisles and discover new treasures, creating their own literary adventure.

Barnes and Noble Gift Card

5.Curvy Girl Set - obvi :) - Embrace Every Curve

Celebrate body positivity with a curvy girl set. Obvi, because every curve tells a beautiful story! Why do we love it? It's a reminder to embrace and celebrate every aspect of ourselves, just like the heroines in our favorite romance stories.

6. Bookish Stickers - Personalize Your World

Decorate laptops, water bottles, or Kindles with fun bookish stickers. Why do we love it? These stickers add a touch of personality to your everyday items, showcasing your love for literature wherever you go. Grab a pack or explore unique options on Etsy here.

Bookish Stickers

7.Cozy Blanket - Wrap Yourself in Warmth

Cozy up with a heated blanket, perfect for winter or cool summer nights. Why do we love it? Reading becomes a whole new experience when you're wrapped in warmth. This blanket adds an extra layer of comfort to your reading nook. Get this one and make reading time extra snug.

A heated blanket.

8. Page Holders - For Extended Reading Sessions

Make reading sessions easier with page holders. Why do we love it? No more struggling to keep the pages open during those extended reading sessions. It's a small accessory that makes a big difference. Check them out.

Book page holders.

9. Bookmarks - Elegant Options for Every Reader

Find special and custom bookmarks on Etsy. Why do we love it? These bookmarks add a touch of elegance to your reading experience. Plus, supporting a small business on Etsy makes it even more special. These floral ones are particularly pretty. Explore options.

10. Reading Journal/Tracker - Chronicle Your Literary Journey

Track all your reads and thoughts in a beautiful journal. Why do we love it? It's not just a journal; it's a keepsake for sharing your love of books with future generations. If you have a book loving teen, they'll no doubt love this gift! This one on Etsy is not only functional but also a piece of art. This one on Etsy is lovely.

A reading journal

11. Annotating Kit - Personalize Your Favorites

Elevate their reading experience with an annotating kit. I love this item because it not only helps them jot down notes but adds a touch of artistry to their literary journey. The act of personalizing each page creates a unique bond with the story.

An annotating kit

12. Bookshelf - Showcase Your Literary Treasures

Give them a new way to display their favorite books with a bookshelf. I adore this cute nightstand bookshelf because of its compact design, perfect for showcasing current and upcoming reads. It's a stylish organizer that turns their collection into a visual delight.

A fun bookshelf

13. Candle - Set a Cozy Mood

Help them create a cozy reading nook with a fragrant candle. I appreciate this item for its transformative power—especially book-themed candles on Etsy, like this one meant to smell like a bookstore. It turns their space into a haven of relaxation and literary delight, setting the perfect mood for a reading adventure.

14. Bookish Jewelry - Showcase Personality

Personalize their style with a unique piece like this simple and elegant bookish ring. What I love about this item is how it allows them to express their love for literature in a chic and subtle way. It's a wearable statement that showcases their personality and passion.

A bookish ring

15. Bookish Clothes - Wear Your Love for Reading

Infuse their wardrobe with bookish charm. Explore fun shirts and sweaters designed with readers in mind. This one from Etsy caught my eye for its witty design and comfort. What I love about it is that it's not just clothing; it's a way for them to wear their love for reading proudly.

16. Bookish Art - Beautify Your Space

Add a touch of literary charm to their space with bookish art. Whether it's a print of their favorite book cover or a custom illustration inspired by a beloved story, this gift transforms their room into a haven for book lovers. Choose something that resonates with their literary soul.

Bookish wire art

17. Tote Bag - Carry Your Stories

A tote bag is a must-have for every bookworm. I can't resist featuring this sturdy bookish bag from our store! It's not just a bag; it's a statement piece that lets them carry their favorite stories wherever they go. Practical and stylish, it's a win-win.

18. Library Stamp or Embosser - Personalize Your Collection

Make their book collection uniquely theirs with a custom library stamp or embosser. This thoughtful gift allows them to mark each book in their growing library. With various design options available, I particularly love this one from Etsy.

An ebosser and library stamp

19. Mugs - Sip and Read in Style

A bookish mug is more than just a container for beverages; it's a cozy companion for reading sessions. This One More Chapter mug is not only cute but also functional. It's perfect for displaying pens, holding hot beverages, and adding a touch of bookish charm to their space.

A bookish mug

20. Water Bottle/Tumbler - Hydrate with Literary Flair

Stay hydrated on the go with a cute bookish water bottle or tumbler. I adore this Dark Academia tumbler wrapped in shelves. It's not just practical; it's a stylish accessory for every book lover on the move.

A bookish water bottle

21. Book Vase - Blooms and Books Combined

Book vases are undeniably cute and perfect for displaying fresh or silk flowers that can last forever. This adorable book vase adds a touch of whimsy to any book lover's space.

A bookish vase

This amazing list is not exhaustive, but twenty-one fantastic options for Gifts for Book Loving Teens is a great place to start. Celebrate the joy of reading and the joy it brings into your teen's life. Each item in this curated collection is not just a gift; it's a piece of that magic—a tangible expression of love and support for their love of story, characters, and the cozy moments spent lost in a good book. Whether you choose a stylish tote bag, a personalized library stamp, or a whimsical book vase, remember that the best gifts are the ones that create lasting memories and encourage a lifelong love affair with literature.  

I leave you with this beautiful and revealing quote. “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” - Richard Steele

Happy gift giving!

Kelsie Stelting

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