Billionaire Romance Stories for the Young at Heart

Billionaire Romance Stories for the Young at Heart

Whether you’re an actual YA or love reliving all the excitement of being a teen, there are PLENTY of amazing billionaire romance books for the young at heart to choose from. Billionaire romance splashed onto the scene when E.L. James’s 50 Shades of Grey took off. That trend bled over into clean & wholesome romance, as well as teen & young adult, giving us all the awesome reads we can find today!

What makes for the BEST YA Billionaire Romance?

The Grand Gesture.

Guys. If he’s rich, we want to see it! Say hello to helicopter rides over the city, luxurious dates, and plenty of red roses.

The Heart of Gold.

Even if he’s rich, no one wants to date a snob. He needs to be a gentleman in every sense of the word to truly win our hearts!

I gathered some of my FAVORITE YA billionaire romance books and shared them below. I hope you read and enjoy every single one!

Anne-Marie Meyer

USA Today bestselling author has penned many books, even some adult billionaire books you can get here. However, her YA romance, Rule #8: You Can't Excuse the Billionaire's Heir has spent time at the top of the Teen & Young Adult Romance charts. Here’s a little more about Meyer’s story!

Rule #8: You Can't Excuse the Billionaire's Heir: A Standalone Sweet High School Romance (The Rules of Love)

Billionaire Romance for the young at heart - Anne-Marie Meyer


About the Story

He wasn't supposed to be nice.

This changes everything.

I’m just trying to survive. Mom’s dead. Dad’s gone crazy. And I’m alone. Senior year is about to start and I can’t imagine my life getting any worse.

Enter Lucas.

The rich, snobby kid who’s been banished here by his parents to, I don’t know, learn how the poor slum it or something.

He’s everywhere. Infiltrating my safe places and causing my emotions to spin out of control. If only I can figure out what his angle is, I might actually survive.

And then, things change. I begin to realize there’s more depth to him than he’s letting on.

I didn’t expect this. What am I going to do? My heart’s already so broken and I’m not sure I can take the chance that I so desperately want to.

Losing someone I loved already crushed me once. What if Lucas leaves me too?

Some Rules are Meant to be Broken


Mount Rainier Legacy Academy is a school for children of the rich and famous. It’s even been called “Billionaire Academy” since so many have gone to school there! In this multi-author series, you’ll find teens navigating parental pressure, rigorous academics, and of course, first loves. One of my best author friends, Sally Henson, wrote Don’t Kiss the Class Clown and I absolutely loved getting to know Ally and Ryan in her story! This whole series sounds adorable and is sure to give you all the feels!

Young adult Billionaire Romance-Don't Kiss the Class Clown by Sally Henson

(Available in paperback only)

Young Adult Billionaire Academy

Don't Kiss Your Lab Partner (Billionaire Academy YA Romance Book 1)

By McConnell, Lucy

Don't Kiss in Detention (Billionaire Academy YA Romance Book 2)

By Penrod, Erica

Don't Kiss the Quarterback: Billionaire Academy YA Romance Book 5

By Meadows, Catelyn


 Kelsie Stelting

Curvy Girls Can't Date Billionaires by Kelsie Stelting

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t tell you about my own billionaire Romance? Curvy Girls Can’t Date Billionaires is a stand-alone romance in The Curvy Girl Club, a sweet YA romance series featuring five plus-size heroines. In this story, Jordan, a poor girl attending Emerson Academy on scholarship is forbidden to date the son of the billionaire she and her mom are cleaning house for. Of course, some rules are meant to be broken. ;)


Maggie Dallen

Billionaire Romance for the young at heart

High School Billionaires

Say hello to high school billionaires. Maggie Dallen’s sweet YA romance series is full nerdy hunks, fun heroine’s, and, of course, billionaires! The three books make for great light reading or an entire weekend of binge reading fun!

Tall, Dark, and Nerdy: A Sweet YA Romance (High School Billionaires Book 1)

Too Nerdy to Handle: A Sweet YA Romance (Crazy Crush Book 2)

The Man, The Myth, The Nerd: A Sweet YA Romance (Crazy Crush Book 3)


 Judy Corry 

Young Adult Billionaire romance Judy CorryJudy Corry is known for her unputdownable YA romance! Several of her books have totally swoonworthy heroes with deep pockets and huge hearts! You can’t go wrong with any of these stories!

My Mistletoe Mix-Up: A Bad Boy/Enemies to Lovers Sweet Romance (Ridgewater High Romance Book 5)

Forever Yours (Ridgewater High Romance)


Kissing The Boy Next Door: An Ex-Best Friends/Stuck Together Sweet Romance (Sweet Water High Book 3)


 Sara Jane Woodley

Billionaire Romance for the young at heart

About the Story

 What’s the one thing that could never happen to a girl like me? Dating a billionaire. Especially when he’s charming, mysterious, and just a little bit of a bad boy...

My summer is perfectly planned out: work hard and study harder. Between housekeeping shifts at Legacy Inn, I’m going to write the perfect college admissions essay to guarantee my acceptance into Harvard. There’s no time for distractions.

The problem? My essay SUCKS. I have nothing exciting to write about.

Enter Cooper Monroe.

Son of an A-list movie star and a powerhouse CEO, Cooper grew up in the lap of luxury in Beverly Hills. He’s been banished to Legacy Inn for the summer, and I’m stuck working for him. Gorgeous, famous, rich -- and never wearing a shirt -- he’s the ultimate distraction.

He’s the last person I should get involved with. So why does my heart beat so fast whenever he’s around?

Falling for him is NOT part of the plan...

If you like smart and capable heroines, extravagant dates, and swoony kisses, you will love The Summer I Fell for A Billionaire. Sara Jane Woodley’s sweet romances are standalone novels set in the world of Legacy Inn. Pick up your copy to start your next adventure!


So many to choose from. What book will you read first?

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